Common types of waterproofing methods

The meaning of waterproofing is to proof the surface or roof of the house from water troubles. These methods will help you protect the surface from various damage that can happen because of the water. In the waterproofing process, the character will become water-resistant, and it will help protect the surface from the worst impacts of water.

Waterproofing is an essential process because it will build the foundation of the building. If the process does not take excellent material and safety, then you will face leaking problems.

There are common types of waterproofing material that you have to use to end up with excellent results. If you didn't go for the waterproofing methods for your building, the surface would be damaged after some time. The water will make its way into the exterior of your house. The waterproofing methods also depend upon the different countries. When it goes to the restriction of construction of the building, you have to be sure that you will do waterproof because this will make sure that you and the building are safe.

Following are different waterproofing methods you should know, and you can use these methods for a common area like a terrace, walls, bathroom, balconies, kitchen, etc.


Cementitious is one of the easiest waterproofing methods which you can find. You will also find the materials which you will for this method very easily. Then, you have to go to the supplier and demand it. After you mix the products, this method has common usage for indoors because it will not get wet like another area like the bathroom.

Methods waterproofing

Liquid waterproofing method

Liquid waterproofing is a method that is used in types of waterproofing in construction. In this method, you have to apply a thin coat of primer and the coat on the top. This method will give various options to apply. For example, you can apply this with the roller or sprayer. When you use the material for the technique, you have to choose the material with the quality of polymer. This will make this method more flexible.

Bituminous coating waterproofing method

This is one of the popular methods which will give you 100% result. It is also called the asphalt method. Commonly this method is used for concrete areas and roads. However, the dating agent in this method is made up of bituminous-based agents who can't be used in outdoor areas. In addition, the sunlight will make this coating brittle. Therefore, you have to mix this with polyurethane.