The world’s first Wipeable and Versatile Waterproof Beauty Band. Use as a Stylish Headband, to lay down edges or protect frontals - keeping them sleek when applying facial treatments, masks, make up or just chilling.


Nemes is a collection of Innovative, Stylish and Versatile Waterproof Scarves EXCLUSIVELY DESIGNED TO PRESERVE, PROTECT and PROMOTE healthy hair and hairstyles in or around water.


  • Designed for RECREATIONAL use. 
  • Completely WATERPROOF, Hypoallergenic and Latex-Free
  • Promotes Healthy Scalp & Hair Growth
  • Perfect for all hair types and hair styles



The NUBIA by Nemes

  • Your Nemes is  made from high grade polyisoprene - latex-free synthetic rubber, engineered to be high tear resistant and stretchy whilst still retaining form.

    Please keep away from sharp objects, fire, hot surfaces, flammable substances, metals and petroleum based oils. These would affect the integrity of your Nemes causing it to stain, ‘bubble’ and tear easily.

    Towel dry your Nemes after use or hang to dry avoiding metal surfaces or radiators. Once dry, fold and store away. If your Nemes gets ‘stuck together’, simply pry apart to return back to form.